Reviving Humanity aims to humanize machines, a research to make machines more human, its a human investigation to overcome inhuman weaknesses but surely with a matured view that brightens the kaliedoscopic view of humanity. Transforming technology to transform the world. Synthesizing technology with humanity, we are reviving humanity. A firm believer in community values, we are engaged in a range of online projects that revive humanity. We synthesize management ideas and technology innovations and ideas applications with humanity, to revolutionise the humanity.

Projects Completed

1. Reviving Family -

2. Reviving Francophones - emotional

3. Reviving Special Children with Developmental Disabilties -

4. Reviving Women Empowerment -

Projects In Progress/ Future Projects

1. Reviving Music - Upcoming Project - Album of techno music

2. Reviving Machines - Upcoming project - Talk Robots,

3.. Humanized Machines - Talking Robots, Emotional and Spiritual Machines

4. Technology Solutions for Children with Developmental Disabilities, with severe physical and mental challenges.


May God bless you.