Reviving Humanity Private Limited is a basement office innovation driven technology company, which was previously known was East India Technologies. Keywords that describe our work are: Online Journals and Print Media Publications, Family empowerment, women empowerment, francophone indian mensuel, Interactive Fiction, dot com Entertainment, Solutions for people with special needs and children with developmental disabilities, online surveys and marketing research, consultancy to educational school, college and institutes on E-Learning/Online Education, Content for Radio, Television and Internet, Emotional and Intelligent Machines with E-Cognitive Interactive, which is the Ancient Future and also Engines of future!

Managing Director, Reviving Humanity

Brother of Nitika, Nitin Mendiratta is a Consultant Engineer with a creative and unique insight on future of internet and entertainment. Nitin has written several articles on Corporate Governance, Projet Planning and Control, School Governance and Management and Computer Science Research. an introvert who has spent his entire life alone with an extreme interest in books, paintings, internet and computer science. Socially inept, Nitin has a Masters Degree of Consultancy Management and Bachelors Degree in Computer Science Engineering. with 15+ years of experience in software and internet programming. Interested in watching films and music, Nitin has developed several niches that he is expert in. Nitin can play Bamboo Flute (Intermediate Level) and can speech French (B2 level). Like you, Nitin believes that our world should be guided with humanity and in particular values of love, non-violence truth, and compassion.

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Founder, Owner of Reviving Humanity

Nitika has earned praise for nurturning human resources, developing human brains for training and rehabilitaiton of special people and enthustically Nitika has written course curriculums and educational books for Private and Government institutes. Nitika is a sought after resource person on issues related to inclusion, education, training, employment, and empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. She speaks on Disability related issues on TV, National and Interational Conferences; and in Semiars as Invited/Guest Speaker on issues related Children with Developmental Disabilities. At present, Nitika is a the Director of SASR (Society for Advance Studies in Rehabilitation, a NGO for Special Children. Nitika lives in New Delhi, India. Nitika is the owner, editor and publisher for a family magazine (Print), "God Bless Our Home". She is a the Director of SASR, NGO for special children.

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May God bless you.